6 Feb 2010

Word Research

What is a good place to start when looking into a story that revolves around three words?
Look into those words...

Cat Burglar:
Though the technical definition is more inclusive, a cat burglar generally refers to a thief who breaks into homes to steal personal property. Cats are stealthy and quiet, approaching prey without causing alarm, pouncing without warning. A cat burglar is a thief who slips in unnoticed, taking what he wants before the victim knows what’s happened. A cat burglar might also be associated with theft from outbuildings such as sheds, barns or garages, automobiles, boats, planes, trains, churches or schools.

As long as the theft is discovered after the event and not during, the intruder is a cat burglar. I guess if they break in with noise, its a dog burglar?

What I have noticed is Cat burglars are always portrayed as female. Proberly to go with along the whole Cat thing. They also seem to be sexy ladies in... skin-tight... leather... Sorry, lost my train of thought. Plus it gives me a reason to post a pic of Halle Berry.

Joke Shop:
Self explanatory right? Its a shop that sells objects for comidic value. The interiors are normally colourful to go along with the playfullness and it has various items.

Sometimes big, mostly small shops. This will most evidently be the setting of my epic story.

Fly Paper:
Flypaper is a fly-killing device made of paper coated with a sweetly fragrant, but extremely sticky or poisonous substance that traps flies and other flying insects when they land upon it.

Flypaper is as effective as many other methods involving insecticides or bug zappers. However, a twisted strip of flypaper hanging from the ceiling is considered by many to be aesthetically less acceptable than some other methods, and so flypaper is not as commonly used as it once was. Some formulas for flypaper also have a slight but potentially disagreeable odor. Handling and disposing of flypaper can be awkward because it is so sticky. However, an easy disposal method is to simply lower the flypaper strip into a paper bag, close the bag, and throw it in the trash.

You may have seen my previous blog about my anger at Apple? Just me venting anger. I planned to delete when I cooled down and I have now. Back to work...


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