8 Feb 2010

Story Idea #1

The setting is dark. A silhouetted figure stands atop a tower overlooking a city (based on New York). She holds in her hand a note, it reads:
...when I last had your Kids? If you don't get it then I would hate to repeat it. You wouldn't want that...
The rest is covered in shadow. Kat (the women) jumps off the building and runs along the rooftops (still covered in darkness). She reaches a point that overlooks a shop. Flashlights turn on revealing a joke shop and her in a cat costume.
She goes down a side alley to look for a point of entry. She spots a window that is open on the second floor... with no way up. Looking around frantically, Kat sees a bin with leftover joke shop supplies. She looks inside and ponders what to do. She touches some fly paper with a finger. It gets instantly stuck. She shakes her finger but it instead gets stuck to her entire hand. Hatching a plan, Kat attach's the fly paper to her hands, feet and tail (in a parody of 'suit up' scenes from films and TV).
She climbs the wall and slips in through the window (getting stuck in the window as she goes). She falls clumsily but lands on her feet at the last second (That's what cats do). She sneaks through the shop till she comes across a Guard staring at and playing with a whoopee cushion. She sneaks past the guard only to notice that he is actually guarding her goal. She sneaks up behind the man and applies a karate chop to the neck... only for the guard to turn around. Kat then does a 'tail punch' to the 'undercarriage' of the man. She picks up the guards keys and swaps the goal for the whoopee cushion (Parody of Indiana Jones). She levels and examines the letter she held at the beginning. It reads:
Its me. You know you asked me to look after the kids? Would you be able to pick up something to entertain them?
Remember when I last had your Kids? If you don't get get it then I hate to have to repeat what I did last time. You wouldn't want that.
They wanted to play that damn game for days.
Just try your best.
Love ya,

She jumps atop a building and runs into the distant in the dark style again.
The End


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