8 Feb 2010

Story Idea #2

The same as #1 but with a cat... yep, a cat.
Technically that damn impossible at our stage. We are only learning fundamental animation rules at the moment, let alone create and animate a world of cats.


tutorphil said...

Earl - you scare me sometimes... you are asked to PRE-PRODUCE a one minute animation not PRODUCE one - there's a difference; most people have story ideas with people in them - also beyond technical skill level - I guess that's why you're being asked to PRE-PRODUCE it! The cg pre-vis is cg modelling at its most basic and in the service of understanding story structure, shot composition and camera movement; this is about the goddamn STORY... sigh. Can I suggest you go look at your brief as a matter of some urgency and ensure that you know what it's asking you to do... if your story needs cats, give it cats!!!

Bluejetdude said...

Is scaring you good or bad? I get what the brief is asking but I was just pre-emptivily thinking about the next stage. I never really took the cat idea seriously, just an off shot concieved by the other ideas I have. I'm not restricting myself to technicalness just trying to think outside the box. My story doesn't need a cat...
and I never said I wouldn't do it, just that it would be hard in the long run.

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