21 Feb 2010

Ghostbusters Storyboard and Essay quick research

(Above: A incredibly basic storyboard from a deleted scene)
A look into storyboards from Ghostbusters, the film I'll be doing for my film clip and essay.

Though the Slimer design and its essential actions were already locked in, these early sketches show Venkman and Stantz discovering the ghost together - a story point that was altered sometime between the August draft and the final shooting script. Also, since costume and hardware concepts were not fully realized yet, the storyboards reflect rather nondescript, generic attire. This shows how a storyboard has an effect on how the final film is put together.

A detailed Effect shot. This scene was deleted from the film.

A storyboard detailing a Mink Coat coming alive. This was also a deleted scene was was reused in Ghostbusters 2.

This storyboard is once again from a deleted scene. The main thing to notice in this storyboard in the lack of background. It is merely to set up the character and the action as opposed to the location.

A storyboard compiled from the Ghostbusters DVD and 'Making Ghostbusters' Book. Titled 'The Ghost Molester' if it mainly functions as an action storyboard as it highlights the actions happing in the scene and details them clearly and throughly. Did you know this was deleted too?

(All Storyboards can be found on the Ghostbusters 1 DVD)


Anonymous said...

Too bad that last one was deleted, though Ray's dream is quite funny in the movie.

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