10 Feb 2010

Story outline and research go too's...

So this isn't my resolved story but the change to the plans due to the story workshop.
My new plan is for my animation to be a slapstick comedy for most of the minute. In terms of scriptwriting and story-telling, it tests my ability to portray the actions of the character and how he/she reacts to the obstacles.
So the new plan is that an unassuming burglar breaks into normal looking shop. He heads for the cash register but springs a security alarm. Some HI-larious antics follow. As you can tell the is the outline (hence the title). I'm gonna resolve it by the weekend and have it all ready so I can move forward.

Some Things I am going to look into:
Old slapstick comedy, such as,
Tom and Jerry,
Charlie Chaplin,
Kung Fu Panda, training sequence (Thanks to Ruben for the recommendation)
Joke shop items that are iconic and that can be applied to a comedic edge.


J.J. said...

Hey Earl!
We all have discussed and set up a plan, what to research. we all need to research romanticism; enlightment (17-18th century)
and Ruben has an artist for you :)
He will write it in the blog or you can just get in contact with him :)

Bluejetdude said...

Yeah Ok no problem. When Ruben posts it on the blog I'll get straight on it. :)

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