13 Feb 2010

Resolved Story Idea

Act 1:
A burglar sneaks through an overcrowded metropolis. The burglar is wearing a stereotypical striped outfit with a large 'Swag' Bag draped over his shoulder. The Police search around for the man in question. The burglar is simply trying to get home until he spy's an low fence with an area of barbed wire missing. Surely one more job wouldn't be to much hassle. The police would never find him right under there nose.
He throws his swag bag over the wall first to cushion his fall but instead of a thud, he hears the distinct sound of a whoopee cushion. He vaults over the wall and picks up his swag bad from a dumpster which is filled with broken or deflated whoopee cushions. Burglar thinks that the incident is a strange one but pushes on regardless. He sees a door that is ajar. He slips through into the dark store.

Act 2:
The cash register sits in the distant with a stream of moonlight over it. A heavenly choir plays as Burglar gets a distinct feeling of money (Dollar Bill signs like a slot machine roll through his eyes). He creeps (exaggerate) across the shop floor until... his foot slowly deflates a rubber chicken which sets of a chain of events. The deflated chicken lets a piece of string go slack, allowing a fake bowling ball to fall against the wall, tugging on the security alarm. Distressed, Burglar turns to flee but a boxing glove on a spring fly's out of a wall hitting the burglar in the face. As he stumbles and tries to regain his footing, his hands land on some fly paper that is on display. With the fly paper stuck, he randomly flails his arms around to remove the paper but instead gets itching powder packets attached to his hands. He lifts his arms up unaware and sprinkles the powder over his back. Whilst trying to scratch his itch, he falls over and lands a centimeter away from some fake poo. Disgusted, Burglar leaps up but forgets about the fly paper which swings him into a stack of costumes. He emerges with a fake moustache and glasses combo attached to his face and is unaware of it. Burglar tries to force himself to the desk while stink bombs explode all around him being dropped from the ceiling.

Act 3:
Burglar continues to push forward as the obstacles all start to take its toll on him. He closes in on the cash register only to be greeted by a wall of fly paper strapped to toy crossbows. As he urges forward, the crossbows peel themselves back ready to fire. He reaches for the register and is an inch away.
Then the crossbows fire. The array of flypaper fill the screen.
Police pull up outside the shop and ready there weapons and aim then at the shop. The door then opens with Burglar, battered and bruised and mummified in fly paper.
The Police men yell "Get on the..." as Burglar topples over. "Um, yeah! You stay there!".
We then switch to Burglar in a cell behind bars. He notices a window open a little. The Camera pans round to Burglars face as a demonic grin etches across his face.


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